Our Purpose

The purpose of our Youth Ministry is to lead our youth to an authentic Christian faith by encouraging, teaching, supporting and equipping them to take the lifelong journey of following God through Christ Jesus.

Our youth ministry is Bible based and made relevant to the lives of our Youth.  It is our goal to introduce the youth to what it really means to follow Christ and become His disciple.  Becoming a disciple of Christ is more than taking an oath.  Becoming a disciple is a journey.  It takes a willingness to sacrifice and at times, endure struggles.

We encourage the youth to take responsibility for their own personal relationship with Jesus.  Through trust and experiences, we hope to grow relationships not only with God but between students, students and leaders, students and parent and between leaders and families.  These relationships make our Youth Ministry a vital part of our church.

Let’s face it – being a teenager is tough.  Teens struggle with issues of self-worth, confusion about identity, and worries about fitting in.  Our desire is to offer youth the mentorship of faithful adults who will love them just as they are, walk with them on their spiritual journey, and help them navigate the challenges of adolescence.

As leaders, we pray that we would be faithful in leading the students in our ministries, so that EACH of them live lives pleasing to the Lord, WALKING according to His ways, bearing FRUIT in their lives, and GROWING in their love and knowledge of Him!

Won’t you join us on Friday night at 7pm ~ we guarantee your life won’t be the same!